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This app might not be well known but none the less it is a streaming app and a good app at that.

If you are into BYUTV then this app is for you. You can watch the following top shows:

  • Top shows
  • BYU Sports
  • Feel Good
  • Family Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Scripted
  • Seasonal
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Campus

Granted BYUTV doesn’t have the show’s most people will watch. But I like this app due to the ability to catch up on studio C and watch some replays of BYU football. Speaking of Studio C

Studio C was out in a restaurant and they were spotted by Conan O’Brien kids and they were screaming. Here is the interview.

And I like this one has over 75 million views.

Of course I watch old football games.

You do have to create a BYUTv account. I haven’t done so, so I am not sure what that allows you to do. So enjoy catching up on some studio C.

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