Gadgets and More
Gadgets and More


The purpose of this website is to give MY opinions about the products and things I will use in an everyday setting.  So why the name Gadget Guy. That is the name my parents called me. In the early 1990’s I had gadgets.


  • Beeper
    • I had a beeper, yes I had a beeper. I always wanted one. My dad worked at AT&T, he was able to get me one. I used for a while.
  • Cell Phone
    • I got a cell phone, once again thanks to my dad, he got one free thru work, and he didn’t want it so I got it. Yes, it wasn’t the lastest and the greatest. But, it was a cell phone
  • Flash drives,
  • MP3 Players,
  • any other tech that I found useful.
  • Hence the name Gadget Guy.

I have another website, where I reviewed gadgets and tech.

So I thought I would create a website that focuses on gadgets.
I wanted to streamline the reviews for Gadgets and Technology and move in a different direction. So hence was created.

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