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Turner Network Television (TNT), well that is what it used to be called and of course it has a streaming app. Why won’t it. So here is the breakdown of the app.

The app

This is what the app looks like

Here is the breakdown of what the app does

Once you start with the app you get the following:

Then you get to the following screen:

Clicked on the sign in and it took me to the following:

The App has 2 options in it’s feed.

The picture showed the east feed is selected, but I need to watch it on the west feed. Since it is where I live. You can also stream it to your TV if you would like to by clicking on the thing in the upper right-hand corner.

My opinion

This app is a good one if you like watching good movies and some good original TNT shows. I really enjoyed this app and I will use it often. Check it out and enjoy it.

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