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USA Network App

Yes the USA network has an app. If you read the NBC app review and looked at the photos you will see they are alike. USA is owned by Comcast which also owns NBC.

The App

This is what the app looks like on the phone

That is if you wold like to download this from the App store.

Once you open up the app you see this

Notice that it has a little key in it. Explain what that is in a while. Click on start watching if you want to watch that other wise click on the shows and it brings you this page

However you can’t watch these shows since they have key on them (you can’t see it on the photo above ^^) due to the fact I took it after the following steps.

If you click on the right hand side where it says more and has the three … then it will

You can sign in and get some credits for unlocking episodes to watch. If you have an TV provider you can link it here. I did that and it shows the following:

I have chosen not to create an account but if you want to you can use the following:

But it says USA unlock USA content with an NBCUniveral Profile. Instead of NBC.

My opinion

I wasn’t too impressed with this app, I guess that is why it was deleted from my phone. You can’t watch old school shows like

  • Psych
  • Burn Notice
  • Colony
  • Silk Stalkings
  • Monk
  • Shooter
  • White-collar
  • Covert Affairs
  • Mr. Robot
  • Royal Pains

All classic shows that made the cable network popular

  • Suits
  • WWE Raw

I know WWE Raw is still on, not sure about Suits.

But you can’t watch the ones that made the network popular. I just don’t find this app worthy of my time. That is just the truth. You might like it

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