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Xfinity App

It was a dark and stormy night and all thru the apps everything was quite except for the xfinity app.  I just kidding apps aren’t ever quite.

Xfinity App

Here is what the app looks like:

Once you open it you are greeted with this

Once you click on getting started you are presented with

It wants yo to sign in with your account. I have one so I logged in. I don’t have xfinity but I have an account. This is what the sign in screen looks like

So I signed in and I was presented with this

What it offers

This app offers the options

  • Featured
  • Sports on Now
  • Live TV
  • Thursday Night Shows
  • Free Premium Movies (Without Ads)
  • Free Movies
  • Highlights
  • Browse More
    • More options

So I browsed to the free movies and l clicked on Red Dawn and it brought it up and I was able to see that it is on TV 2 different times. It gave me an option to play so I clicked on it and started to watch it.

My opinion

This app is an OK app I don’t use it that often so I can’t give my full opinion on this app. So it is OK app if you have Xfinity you could watch stuff on the go.

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