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My wife likes some TV shows on UP, however, we don’t get UP on DIRECTV, so how do you watch it? Well, you download the App from the app store.

The App

When looking for the app it isn’t called UP TV, I know right, it is called Up faith and family.


Once you log open it up you will see this

You can start your free trail (only two weeks) you are presented with this screen.

I don’t have an account anymore. Log story.  So I picked explore and it brought me here

If you notice the little lock in the bottom right hand corner

This means you can’t watch it unless you start your free trail and do a subscription of a monthly or annual plan.

My opinion

To be honest, I never did use this when we had it. My wife is the one used it. She enjoyed it, she could watch shows that she liked anywhere she wanted too.

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