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It was the year 2008 and Roku came into the playing filed. It joined the streaming video era and well let’s see what they have to offer.

What is Roku

It is a line of streaming media players that connect multiple streaming apps in one place.  Interesting fact, the first model was first developed with the help of Netflix.  Netflix actually spun off the project called Project Griffin to form a new company called Roku. Netflix was afraid this project would hurt them and keep them off other platforms.

The app

Of course they have an app, who doesn’t have one. It looks like this

Inside of the app once you download it and then launch it. It looks like this:

If you click on the more icon in the bottom right hand corner you get this

You sign in and you are good to go.

If you click on this icon

It will give you options of the devices you have in your home. Once you connect to a device you click on the upper right hand corner and click this

You can you control your device, that is your Roku device, as long as you are watching this on TV. If you did the step above this.


Here are some pictures of the devices you can get with the Roku

My opinion

So here is my opinion on the Roku. You knew it was coming. We first got the Roku a few years back and it was nice to have. It was in my son’s room so he could watch Netflix since he didn’t have a smart TV in there. Why would you give your kids a smart TV? It has been nice to stream stuff from the device. We recently got a new one to hook up to the smart TV downstairs since the smart TV can’t handle some of the Streaming services nowadays. It has been really nice. I enjoy it.

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