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ABC app is where we will start out. Since it is the first letter of the alphabet. You can watch the current shows that are currently on ABC. For instanse, like The Rookie, I can watch 5 epsoides, they aren’t in order they have pad locked S2, Ep. 11 and 14, I know stupid as stupid can be. I had to connect it to my DirecTV account and doing that opened up a lot of possibilities This is what the app gives you

  • Popular
  • Drama
  • Funny
  • Reality
  • ABC Originals
  • News
  • Throwback
  • Free episodes
  • Better Together

One of the best things I like about the app is the Throwback option. This allows you to watch old TV shows. Recently I finished watching Flash Forward, I had to use the search feature, that show was canceled way too soon. So many unanswered questions. Right now I am re-watching Dirty, Sexy, Money. Not all the old TV shows that were on ABC are on there, but some are. This is one of the things I love about the apps. It is the ability to watch what I want to watch from ABC.

The only downside of this is you have to watch the commercials over and over. They rotate back and forth between the same ones. It does get old.

If you don’t have a Directv or an account with a satellite or cable company. By signing into the app with my Directv account it opened up the whole season for me. So now I can binge watch that.

So if you would like to watch anything put out by ABC then you will need to get this App. I like it.

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