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Fox App

Just like the rest of the apps we have talked about you can stream your favorite shows right from your phone.


This is what the app looks like

When you first click on the app after download you will see this

Then once you make your selection you are presented with this

I didn’t create a profile. So I selected I don’t need this and it presented this


I picked shows and it gave me some options and I picked on 9-1-1. There are 3 seasons for this show and episodes 1-13 are locked as of this post. The last 5 of the season is unlocked. So happens if I want to watch the whole season. Hum??? I linked my TV provider, in the bottom right-hand corner click on account click on TV provider. That gave me access to the whole season but not the rest of the seasons.


If you don’t have access to cable or a satellite and you would like to watch everything, then it will cost you $5.99 a month which is $71.88 for the year or you can pay annually and it will run you $64.99. Is it worth it?


To be honest, I don’t really watch that many shows on Fox. So the cost would not be worth it to me. It is much better now then it was a few years ago. Now if they can just get some good shows.

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