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it was the year 2007 and News Corporation, NBC Universal and Providence Equity Partners joined together to form a new adventure to start a streaming service. Later on The Walt Disney Company joined the group. In 2010 they launched a subscription service called Hulu Plus.


So when you open up Hulu it gives you two options start your free trial or login.

If you click on free trial You are given the following:

Basically you will be paying for ads if you go with the $5.99 plan.

If you click that arrow up in the upper left hand corner and do a login it will give you two options,

When I picked TV provider it didn’t work.

So I just logged on with my account in which I have and once you have login in you are brought to who’s watching. That is where you can set up profiles. I click on mine and it takes me here

I click on my stuff, this is where place your stuff you like.


As of this post the Walt Disney Company, well Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International owns it, with Comcast as an equity stakeholder. Let’s break this down.

  • 21st Century Fox was acquired by Walt Disney (that is 60% of ownership)
  • AT&T, sold back 10% of the company which was Time Warner in 2018
  • So it was 70% in control

Comcast gave up control and they will purchase 33% of the company in 2024.

Hulu plus

I have Hulu Plus and that is at $11.99 which is OK. I tend to watch some things here that I can’t watch other places. I like it and enjoy it. Something that you use all the time if needed.

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