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Atari 800

Atari came out with a gaming system earlier in the 1970s, 1972 to be exact. Here is the post about it.  They did it again in 1978.

Atari 800

Here are the details

  • Announced: 1978
  • Released: 1979
  • Price: $995.00 (USD)
  • CPU: MOS 6502, 1.8MHz
  • Ram: 8k Base, 48k Max (huge)
  • Display: 160 x with 128 Colors
  • Expansion: 4 internal expansion slots
    • 2 cartridge slots
  • Ports: 4 controller ports
    • RGB video output
    • TV Video output
  • Storage: external 90K Floppy drive cassette recorder
  • OS: Atari OS


To tell you the truth it was actually a typewriter in disguise, well it looked like it anyway. In a way, the design was an Apple II clone. Here is a picture of it.

During the design of this device it had an issue with a signal leakage, it was a small and low but it was in the television range. RF modulator is for TV output and most other manufacturers fixed this issue by using monitors that were composite.


The computer electronics show, in 1979, Atari was called the video game people. Extraordinary graphics box. How did the Atari box do what it needed to do? Even when it had a very tight chassis, but it looked like a video game machine. This system was unsuitable for word processing, and it weighed like 10 lbs.

Yes, this wasn’t the top of the line of the computer systems, but it was a breakthrough in the video game system.

The computers are coming along, slowly but they are coming. But, before look at the review.



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