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Apple (1976)

The year is 2019 and Apple was founded in 1976, on April 1 two college dropouts, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple.


Why does it seem that a lot of companies are formed in garages and then they become huge. Apple wasn’t that different. Apple I was created in Jobs garage. I watched a documentary and it showed that the Apple I was created and sold without the following:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Casing

So what the hell was the Apple I computer??

Apple II

In 1977 the Apple II came out,  they added all the above and this revolutionized the computer industry when they invented the color graphics card, the first ever. The sales for this computer jumped from $7.8 Million to $117 million in 1980, which is the year that Apple went public.

Rocky era

In 1983, Steve Wozniak left the company after losing interest in the day to day operations. This move led to the hire of the PepsiCo CEO, John Sculley. According to the documentary, this was a big, big mistake. As Jobs left Apple in 1985, due to much controversy and he started his own company called NeXT software and later buying Pixar from George Lucas, which became a big name when

  • Toy Story
  • A Bug’s Life
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Finding Nemo

Later Jobs would sell this to Disney for a huge sum of money, I think it was about 8 Billion.

In 1990, Apple was the highest point in their history and it was along the plan that Jobs placed in motion before he left. This was due to a partnership with Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and between the two companies made desktop publishing.


Total idiot, he turned down an offer from Microsoft to lease their products like Word and Excel and so on.  Totally a stupid move. As Microsoft grew and become the toughest competitor Apple would have to this point. From the peak in 1990 to 1997, Apple found that they were on a downward spiral and everyone thought it was going to shutter. But in 1997, they reached out to Jobs, and they brought out the NeXT software as they needed an operating system. This move brought Jogs back and he was the intern CEO.

Intern CEO

Jobs made a deal with Bill Gates to create and license Mac version of the office software, which was a good move, as I use a Mac right now and I can use Microsoft Office. This was just the first of many moves that made Apple the Trillion dollar company.  Some of the items that came along

  • MP3 Players (the iPod)
  • iTunes
  • iPhone
  • iBook
  • MacBook (I am using the Air version)

Steve Jobs

From Apple’s start in 1976 where the two Steves formed Apple and now look at what it has become.

The next worth of Steve Jobs at his death was $10 billion

The net worth of Steve Wozniak was $100 Million

Steve Jobs died in October of 2011.

Apple computers started and in 1976 and had some real ups and downs but yet they are on top of the world nowadays, but if they don’t change their ways they will go in a downward spin.

That is Apple of 1976.

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