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Having an iPhone, you have many options and different apps to help you keep on top of things. Let me explain why I use Apple Reminders.


Apple has an app that is called Reminders, and it looks like this

This has changed over the years. But the usage is still the same. It is the same function-wise. You can create the following types of reminders.

  • Lists
    • You can create templates as well
  • Smart folders
    • This needs to be done on a MacBook laptop

You can add the following to the reminders  you create

Different Lists

You can have a lot of different lists, and you can add reminders to those lists. I have several other lists that keep me on top of things. Well, try anyway. You can do a shopping list you can share with someone else. Yes, my wife and I share a list. It’s just like notes, and the wife doesn’t like it.

Here are some of my lists

  • Bills
  • Weekly menu
  • Vacations
  • Organize
  • Travel
  • Websites
  • Weekly Tasks 2023
    • I can add a different list to this section every week of the year.
    • This is just for my websites
  • Weight management
  • Time management
    • It would be best to manage your time, or you will never finish everything.

Those are just some of the lists I use.


I used to use the following

I made time at night to write down what I needed to get done that day. It was a pain in the butt to do all the time. I stopped doing it after a while. Plus, I would have to carry my planner around everywhere. It wasn’t a good look. I just used it for school. Then I could have it in my backpack and stuff. But then the Palm Pilot came out, which made things easier.

But, since I got the iPhone, it has been there wherever I go. I started to use it more and more starting last year. I have noticed that I get many more things done since I can set dates, times, locations, and other items.

I will admit that I don’t get everything done that I put on the list. It is a struggle. But it is nice to put something there and get a reminder. Hopefully, set it at a time that you can interact with it. I am still trying to get that time down. I will get the reminder and then be busy and forget about it.

But in the app, you can see this when you open up reminders.

I wish you could add a widget to your phone with that above. You can add a list as a widget to your iPhone screen.

Apple is not paying me in any way. I am just talking about things I use and find useful.

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