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New iPad

The iPad is a good part of what I use daily as a blogger and a tech person. Was my old one getting it done for me?


I talked about the iPad I have been using here. I have been using this for a while. This was my second iPad, and I like this tablet. But, it was getting slower and slower, making it hard for me to do what I needed to get done. Plus, the keyboard was a separate item, meaning I had to carry something around.


I have been looking for a new iPad, and I think my wife got tired of hearing me complain about how slow the iPad was. She just said buy yourself a new one. I am sure she said some other words. But I went out and got me a new one.

I picked up a

  • Apple
  • 5th Generation
    • With Wifi
  • 10.9 Inch iPad Air
  • Blue
  • 64GB

I also picked up an Apple Pencil, 2nd Generation model.

I need to learn how to use this better. It could come in handy.


I needed a case for this, and I was looking for something with a keyboard. I found the following issue.

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Folio For Apple

  • Detachable Backlit keyboard

This is a perfect case, and I love the keyboard. It comes in so much better than the setup I have been using.


I like this iPad, and it is the new version. Hopefully, it last me a few years. I should have gotten the 128GB model. I only got the 64GB since most of the stuff I use stores everything on the cloud, but I do have the following:

  • Song
    • 1
  • Videos
    • 2,125
  • Photos
    • 14,576
  • Applications
    • 112

Which only leaves me 13 GB free. Yea, you might think, why in the heck do you have 112 applications? Do you use all of them?

I am sure I can remove some of them. But I use about 80% of them. But the easy use of this iPad and case makes it much better to carry around and work on.

I have taken it to

  • Hawaii
  • Pacific Coastal Cruise
    • LA to Vancouver

I use it for

  • Work
  • Teaching a class
  • Watching Video’s
  • Reading Kindle books on it
    • When I don’t have my Kindle
  • Plan out things
  • And more

Yes, it doesn’t have one of the features I wanted. But that is OK, and I will be using this more often. I might even make some videos on this. Maybe we will see one soon.

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