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1983 — Apple Lisa

Local Integrated Software Architecture was designed in the earlies 1980’s. However, the project was started in 1978.


This was Steve Jobs daughter and it also stands for Local Integrated Software Architecture. Steve Jobs was removed, but forced out. So Steve Jobs went to the Macintosh project. The LISA project, came with a graphical user. Perfect for the business user. Yes, business used computer’s back in the day. The Macintosh and Lisa aren’t related. Not even sisters.

More Expensive

You would think that the Macintosh would be more expensive, but it was actually, cheaper. LISA, was way more Expensive, it came with the following:

  • More sophisticated hard disk based OS
  • Built-in screen saver
  • An advanced calculator with paper tape
  • Support up to 2 Megabytes of RAM (Wow)
  • Expansion slots
  • And a larger higher resolution display

If you wanted this on a Macintosh you would have to wait until the year 2001. Lisa, taxed the 5 MHZ Motorola 68000 microprocessor. It is true they didn’t use Intel and wouldn’t for an awful long time.


If you wanted to own a LISA you would have to fork over $9,995, you heard that right almost 10 grand. One of the first commercial PC to have da GUI and it ad a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive. You could put up to 871 kilobytes on one of those drives. Hold the presses that is so much data.


Yes, LISA was a big flop, IBM was kicking there butt as a cheaper computer and LISA was just too much, and IBM was making a move into the workplace.


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