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1986 — Disposable Camera

Can you even think of the possibility of taking photos on a camera then sending that camera in to get photos off of it and never seeing that camera again? Sounds something like an episode out of the twilight zone and it isn’t a real thing. Who would throw away a camera? I mean aren’t camera’s kind of expensive? You would think right.

The year 1986 comes along

We have worked on computers and bring those things into the world. We have brought cameras into the world. So what is this idea of bringing a camera that you can take photos and then throw it away? They are called, single-use camera or Disposable Camera and in 1986, they came alive. Well not alive, but became a reality.


This proved to go back to the business model thus making a good choice into using this camera. You can use this camera’s in places or situations where a camera can get stolen, thus making a good move into the ability to still take photos and yet not risk your nice 1986 camera, as it could be expensive.

Fuji Film

Yes, the technology has been around for a while, but it was Fuji Film that makes that leap into 35 mm film, where the others used 110 films. Over the years they introduced a lot of advanced features to stay competitive with Konica, Canon, and Nikon.

Weddings and other uses

Yes, these camera’s have become more and more popular for things like Weddings for their guests to take photos of the event. This made it great for them. They were known as the accident camera as they can be thrown into the glove box and they can use it to photograph the damage or other things. They can also get the picture that you have always wanted as you have a camera in the car. These were interesting cameras in the beginning.


Yes they went digital, but not until later and this is about 1986 and not in the future. So we will talk about that later.

Needed or not

Yes, there was a market for this in 1986 as the cameras were expensive and these helped people, take photos where your nice camera couldn’t go. I saw these at the yearbook parties at the end of the year for the schools I attended. I used them and saw people use them. It is just a weird thing just to use the camera and then turn it in and get some pictures back. Cool idea, but then you have to go buy a new one, disposal camera that is. So it was needed. I like them. Just thought it was weird.

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