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1985 — MS windows

In 1985 Microsoft this small little company paired up with another small company called Apple. The worked together to develop some applications for the January 1984 release of original Macintosh. Apple introduced this in January 1984 and it was the first computer to offer the Graphical User Interface

Windows 1.0

On November 20, 1985 Microsoft released what was called Windows 1.0, it featured an MS-DOS install which runs the 16 bit multi tasking shell on top of that MS-DOS install. Bill Gates saw this at COMDEX and it was demo of some software of Visi.

Windows 1.0 didn’t jive with some critics as it didn’t meet any expectations. The mouse was a big part of it and they felt that this was a big emphasis on this object.  This not focusing on recourses for the new users. Thus with computers with lower hardware specifications, that is computer specifications.

 November 1983

When this was first showed off, you know presented to the public, it required, 2 floppy disks drives, 192 KB of RAM, I know powerful and a device driver. Thus MS-DOS 2.0 was born. They did something different here as they did some cooperative multitasking, which allowed programs to use system calls, that is DOS calls, and bad programs to run in full screen. They offered many applications in which the Apple Lisa and the Visi didn’t offer.

Microsoft encouraged other companies to develop programs for this new OS and it didn’t require a user interface.

Early History

Mr. Gates thought or viewed the Windows Operating System the future or Microsoft. I don’t know why it would the future it was just a problem. What is the big deal?

Bill Gates, said that the company is fully committed to Windows, OS Kernels like MS-DOS and Xenx. Here is a time line of what happened with Windows.

  • November 20, 1985
  • May 1986, Windows 1.02
  • August 1986, Windows 1.03
  • April 1987, Windows 1.04

Windows did for the world

Windows changed the way the world works, and how the personal computer works and operated. They entered into a war of Windows and it appears that Microsoft has won that battle.

I didn’t get on the Windows bandwagon until Windows 3.1 and then it was all over.

However in my wisdom, I use both Windows and Apple OS’s

The one thing that Windows didn’t use is UNIX OS, like the Apple Lisa.


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