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1983 — Cabbage Patch Kids

This is probably the most awesome technology advance that ever happened here on this World. Not saying in the universe, but in this world, Nothing will ever top these Cabbage patch kids. No not really, I was just kidding, but why do I have these here.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Who would have thought that something like this would have made a big wave in the world? These were dolls after all. Created by someone named Xavier Roberts and he didn’t sell dolls, but they were adoption fee, as these are little people. Yes, little people.


Mr. Roberts, came up with the following story:

Xavier Roberts was a ten-year-old boy who discovered the Cabbage Patch Kids by following a Bunny Bee behind a waterfall into a magical Cabbage Patch, where he found the Cabbage Patch babies being born. To help them find good homes he built Baby Land General in Cleveland, Georgia where the Cabbage Patch Kids could live and play until they were adopted.

Bunny Bees are bee-like creatures with rabbit ears they use as wings. They pollinate cabbages with their magic crystals to make Cabbage Patch babies.

Colonel Casey is a large stork who oversees Baby land General Hospital. He’s the narrator of the Cabbage Patch Kids’ story.

Otis Lee is the leader of the gang of Cabbage Patch Kids that befriended Xavier.

This was given out on every doll from 1983 onward.

In 1983 when these were released at the international toy fare. They made the cover of Newsweek, that is after there were riots in the stores, yes riots in the stores.

Cabbage Patch Riots

Yes, this is a real thing at several stores in the United States in the Fall and Winter. Sears, J.C. Penny, Macy’s Kmart. They actually started to hand out tickets to people in line to buy them.  This leaving thousands empty-handed. Which caused people to shove and trampling and attacking others all to obtain a Cabbage Patch doll. Kind a of reminds me of Jingle all the way with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Different story for a different day.

1984 and beyond

  • 1984: 2 billion, yes 2 billion dollars 
  • 1985 breakfast cereal
  • 1985 diapers came out
  • 1985 Christmas Special
  • 1986 Talking Cabbage patch dolls
  • 1988 Moved to Hasbro later to Mattel
  • 1992 Became a Mascot for the US Olympic team as each got one to take to with them.
  • 1996 Snack times
  • 1999 got their own stamp
  • 2008 Presidential got cabbage patch kids

Multiple Owners

Over the years the cabbage patch kids have had multiple owners, here is a list of their journey.

  • Hasbro Years
  • Mattel years
  • Toys “R” Us Kids
  • Play Along Toys
  • Jacks pacific
  • Wicked Cool Toys

Really a thing

Yes these things were really a thing and they made a Billions of dollars and became something of a cultural thing.  To be honest, I never had one of these things. But I did have some garbage pail kids which got sued as they represented the cabbage patch kids.

So yes this didn’t have anything to do with technology, but it did change the world.

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