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Air Tags

Tracking tags are a popular thing nowadays. So I picked up some Air Tags.


I started with some Tile finder. Since that is what was on the market years ago, they worked fine, but they had their issues and could only be tracked if people had the Tile app, making it hard to follow.

However, I moved on.

Air Tags

I have had my eye on Air Tags since they first came out. This was stepping up the tracking game. Millions of iPhones are out there, which makes the tracking so much better.


Yes, there have been issues with Air Tags and tracking. There have been issues with people tracking other people, like attaching them to cars and following them. Apple made improvements to alert you if there is an unrecognized tag around you for an extended time. Yes, I had noticed that it alerted me when I was traveling with some neighbors, and they had them.

Yes, this is a sad place we live in nowadays.

Why I got them

With all the issues happening in the world with traveling, losing your luggage, or being stuck in an airport you aren’t in. You know, that fun thing. It was said, no one ever. I got them to track my check-in luggage when I went back east last fall. They came in handy as I knew my luggage was.

I also picked up a four-pack for my kids, two each. Why? Well, my kids tend to lose keys and wallets often. My one son was leaving a friend’s house, and as we drove off, he was alerted that he had left his wallet behind. If not, we would have never found it.

I do carry my air tag on my keys when I am not traveling. Why keep them in the luggage when you aren’t using them? It is nice. I am alerted if I leave them behind or leave them when at my in-laws, and I take them out of my pockets.

Good Investment

Yes, this was a good investment on my part. I am going all in with the Apple Echo system, which improved it. Air tags are an excellent way to keep track of your stuff.

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