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New Blue Case

In the quest to make myself a better packer or get better organized for all my tech. Bunch of small stuff

With my cameras and tech, I have many small items that could get lost in my tech bag. I needed to get something that would help in my packing the tech. What did I come up with? Well, it is this.


I got this to improve the location of my more minor stuff. Like the following:

  • Microphone
  • Sleep Apnea cord
  • Plugs
  • Battery charger for Osmo Action
  • Osmo pocket items

I was looking for more minor cases to pack the stuff in, even if this is designed to hold a speaker. Who says it has to maintain a speaker? It can hold whatever I would like it to fit. I have used it several times, and it has come in handy.

Pack it

So where do you pack this case at? Is this in your backpack? Nope, it isn’t. This was to get and pack something in a checked bag or carry-on. Depending on the trip and what we are taking.

Worth It

To me, it’s worth the $15.99. Yes, it was. I am always looking for something good to help me out with the packing of the tech. So I don’t lose that stuff in my tech backpack. I would suggest that people get this. It is not just for speakers but for other things.


Yep, a video for you

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