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New Year

A New Year is upon us here at and we will be continuing our blog posts about the past technology that I find interesting. I mean there is just so much technology that has come along since the world began. I just couldn’t write about all it. My Plan […]


In 1978 Parker Brothers brought to live something that was brought to this world by NASA, employee Bob Doyle, his wife Holly and brother-in-law, Wendl Thomas. No, this wasn’t brought from space or anything like that but it was invented, yes invented.  It played games. What games did it have […]

Polaroid SX 70

Photography has come a long way since the 1800’s when this photo was taken Photos back in the late 1800s and early 1900’s it took some time to develop the film. But in the 1947 Polaroid introduced something called the Land Camera Model 95 which used something called instant film. […]

What is this blog all about

The Why page talks about what this Website is all about. The domain name might be, but this site is more than just about gadget’s. Yes, I got this domain thinking about doing reviews on just gadgets that would be fun. Gadgets are great. However, life is more than […]