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What does a shark have to do with anything? I mean I have eaten sharks before, and it is OK. But what does a shark have to do with tech?

Smart House

What does a shark have to do with a smart house? Is it like Jaws? Well, no it isn’t. it is just a robot vacuum that vacuums your house. What smart house wouldn’t be with our smart vacuum.

Robot Vacuum

We picked up the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum.

  • Tri-Brush System
  • Powerful suction
  • App and Voice Control
  • WIFI

The day after Thanksgiving sale (see a trend) we were shopping at Kohls, and we saw this vacuum and I wanted one it would be very nice to have since we don’t vacuum that often. But, in our house in Nov. of 2020, this wouldn’t really be worth the price. Yea, it was only about $150 dollars. But, come March or April of 2021, it would be worth it.

Not the one

This wasn’t my first choice for a robotic Vacuum I was hoping for something along the lines of a different brand. Something that goes in an organized pattern. Not just where ever it wants to go. Not knowing if it got clean.

Shark ION

This is WIFI enabled, and you can use Alexa with it. This is what it looks like:

This features a 120 min battery, so that is about 2 hours of whole home carpet to floor cleaning. I have found that this can go beyond 2 hours sometimes. It says that the Robot can clean whenever you want.


It has an app that is somewhat helpful and this is what it looks like.

once you get into this and select your vacuum you can do the following:

You can see the history and notifications. I do have a schedule set up so it will go off automatically and clean the house, well not the whole house as it can’t go up or down the stairs.  So it will only do the main floor. You can find the vacuum, via the locate Robot button, when it is cleaning.

My thoughts

I have mixed thoughts on this.. I really wanted to like this vacuum, yea it takes the way that hassle of pulling out the vacuum and doing the vacuuming. Does anyone like that? Sometimes the vacuum can’t start since it gets stuck trying to leave the charger. I know right? Not promising. Some of the issues I have had.

  • Gets stuck on cords
  • Gets stuck on rugs
  • Gets stuck in the walk-in closet on my wife’s clothes
  • Gets stuck on my sons clothes
  • Gets stuck on shoes, my kids leave out.
  • Gets stuck on air vents
  • Gets stuck in the bathroom between the wall and the toilet
  • It starts to go back to the dock, then it see’s a squirrel and gets sidetrack.

Sometimes it closes my office door and just cleans my office until I open up the door.

It isn’t the best robot vacuum, but for the price, it was a no-brainer it was something that I needed to help out with what is going on in my life. Just to take one thing off my plate it was worth it. I will leave this with a positive thought. It drives my wife crazy, so it is a keeper.

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