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Google Drive

Did you think that Google wouldn’t get into the cloud storage option? Of course not, they have cloud storage and it is called Google Drive.


It launched in 2012, April 24 to be exact and it gives or offers 15GB of space for free. That includes the following:

  • Photos
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets
  • Google drive

So that is a lot of options and you would think that 15GB is  plenty of space. It is plenty, it all depends on what you put up there.

Prices of Plans

If you run out of space with the free 15GB, then you are lucky there are plans for more space. They are the following:

  • 15 GB
    • Free
  • 100 GB
    • $20.99 a year
  • 200 GB
    • $29.99 a year
  • 10 TB
    • $99.99 a month
  • 20TB
    • $199.99 a month
  • 30 TB
    • $299.99 a month

So you have some options.


Right now if you look at how much space they have it is like a petabyte or more. You can upload a file the size of 2 TB on some planes.  Now that is a lot of space. There are about  800 million active users and they have over 2 trillion files.


You can use Google Drive on the following:

  • Computer apps
  • Backup and Sync
  • Mobile apps
  • Website interface

My opinion

So I do have an opinion on this service. I had the 15 GB for the longest time. That is until I started to save my photos up there and my space went quick. So I have up to 100 GB now and it makes it nice. This is good cloud storage, I mean this is Google after all.

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