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Cyber Monday, 2021

This takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving and this is when a lot of money is spent online.

Black Friday

Before the dot com era and cyber Monday, there was a thing called Black Friday. This was when people went crazy about sales on items for Christmas. There were pushing, shoving, fights over items. Yes, those were the days. (Talked about this over on my Justin Jenkins blog)


A lot of companies lose out of work on this day. Since they are shopping for some great deals online. I know I have done this at times. This year, I have the day off, so I can look without worry.

How much money can be spent on this day?

A lot of money.

What is the point

What is the point of having cyber Monday? Is it all about profits? Well, of course, it is, isn’t everything about the money. Plus stores are wanting your business and that was the point of Black Friday, to lure you in and then run out of the item so you to buy other “deals”.


Enjoy this day and I hope you get all the deals you look for I know I won’t be since my wife has spent all the money.

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