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FastFoto FF-680w

I wasn’t done looking at something that could help me in my quest to go paperless. The search never ends.

Found and looking

I found a good scanner that I can use while on the go. That was in the previous post check it out. Now, I needed to get something for the homestead that will be better than my HP office Jet 8600 printer. I have had my eye on a scanner that would be a great addition to my scanners and help me on my quest

What did I get

I got an EPSON Fast Foto FF-680w and this is what it looks like this:

What does it do

This scanner has the things that I am looking for in a nice scanner. Like

  • It has double side scanning ability
  • Can scan pictures
  • Searchable PDF’s
  • Has great software to do the above

This can determine if the backside of a document is blank, and it won’t scan it. Like you have 5 sheets of paper and 4 of them are back to back and the 5th one is one-sided. This means that the first 4 pages will be scanned double-sided and the 5th one will only be scanned on one side. Makes it nice

It can hold up to 36 photos. I have scanned a box of photos with this and it is nice.


Now I didn’t record a video on this but I found one that I thought was good.


Yes, this is a good one to help me go paperless and digital photos.

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