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Paperless Thoughts

Over the last few posts we have talked about going paperless and the gadgets I have picked up to help me out. What does this mean?


Does one ever become paperless? There is paper everywhere. I mean there are receipts from stores and stuff like that.

If they offer an email receipt I will take that anytime. Then I will know where it is at.  I just have to find the receipt in all my emails that I have.  But when I go see the doctors and I need a receipt to take home and scan so I can submit it for medical expense. I wish you could just email that to me. But they don’t have that ability, yet.


This is always taking up a lot of time and storage.  What do I mean? Well, let’s find out

  • You walk and get the mail.
  • You come back home
  • You open up the mail
  • You put it in the scanner
  • You scan it
  • You save it to a folder on the NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • You move it to the correct folder

This is for all the bills you still get in paper format. Receipts are the same thing, well for the important things like most things you buy and might return due to being faulty or you just don’t need it.

This does take a lot of time and sometimes this can become a burden to do all of it. But it needs to be done in order to simplify my life.


Yes, you have to store the scan documents somewhere either it is on an internal hard drive, external drive, or a Network-attached Storage device. With all the photos one might have, can take a lot of room on a hard drive. Plus with the documents you are scanning, you will most likely need some sort of storage device.


It will be a challenge to do this but it will only take some time to get in the grove and get things going. But the tools I have gotten will help me in the long term to become totally paperless in the long run.

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