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In the year 2000 and something transportation had to change. In what way do you ask?  Well, you have a Taxi’s and limos.


Here is a taxi

I remember watching a show called Taxi, yea this is dating me a little bit. But, if you lived in a big City then it was just great. But what about the smaller cities. People still need to get around right.


Here is a limo

These things are the richer people in life, not people like me. Once again people who can’t afford the Limo’s or live where there aren’t any taxi’s

Small towns

So how would one get around in a small town? That is a question that should be answered. But, this wasn’t why Uber was invented.


It was founded by two people that after spending $800 dollars hiring a private driver they were thinking there has been a better way to do transportation.

So they came up with Uber.


Here are some events for Uber

  • 2011
    • Changed the name from UberCab to Uber
  • 2012
    • In Chicago, launched a mobile app so you can order one
  • 2013
    • Was in 35 City’s
  • 2014
    • UberPool a Carpooling service
      • San Francisco Bay Area
      • Paris
      • New York City
      • Washington, D.C.
      • London
      • Boston
      • Hyderabad
      • Kolkata Mumbi
      • Singapore
      • Delaware
      • Toronto (Brampton and Scarborough)
      • Nashville
      • Sydney
      • Melbourne
    • Uber Eats a food delivery services


Of course you will have my opinion Uber is a good idea as people need to go places, and people need money so why not. I have no problem with this technology. I embrace it, we’ll all expect for the food delivery services.

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