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Doorbell Video

I have been thinking of getting a Ring doorbell or something like it. There are several options out there. Here are the top smart doorbells out there:

  • Ring
  • Skybell
  • Vivint
  • August
  • Zmodo
  • Vtech
  • Chui Face
  • Arlo
  • There could be more out there

Why get one:

Here is a list of reasons to get one:

  • Your Family
  • Increased security
  • A lot of scumbags out there

I mentioned that there are a lot of scumbags out there who would rather steal from you than go and earn the money to buy stuff themselves.

Why didn’t I have one

My wife didn’t think they are necessary and just a waste of money. What is the point of having this doorbell? You get to see who is at your door that is so stupid.

Wanting one now

My wife now wants to get one. What changed her mind? My neighbors have one and they put this up on Facebook.

So who the hell comes to your house looking for something at 12:23 AM.

Which one

Now I get to choose which one I am going to get.

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