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Security Camera’s

Who would have thought that we would need to have security camera’s on our houses?

Back Story

Growing up we lived in a fairly good neighborhood, well, I thought we did, until one some scum bags kicked in the window to my bedroom and thus breaking into the house. They ransacked the house looking for things. I mean they threw things around and made a mess. My mom came home in time to send them running.

These punk kids have done this before, my mom saw them when the garage door was lifted up. They were looking for spray paint to spray on the walls. They have done this to other houses and they also cut up the furniture.

We were spared that, however, the damage was done. Another time, my older sisters were home alone downstairs, you could tell if other people were in the house as the floor sounded different. They heard someone upstairs and they called my grandpa and the cops. They showed up and searched the house and found no one. My sister opened the blinds up to check the sliding glass door and there was someone standing there. The cops gave chase, but they got away.

We had stuff stolen from our garage once probably from the punk kids in my neighborhood.

About time

It wasn’t until the point of someone knocking on our neighbor’s door at 12:23 AM, then my wife said OK, now we need to get cameras.

What type

The question I had for myself was what type was I going to get. I mean I have been looking for a long time, but I just couldn’t get them. You know the wife said no. But now I have a green light.


Over the next 2 posts, I will talk about the 2 brands I was seriously looking at and my opinions on both of them. The good and the bad.

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