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It was the year 2000 and something and well the headphone era just changed big time.  Yes,  the headphones have changed from the time in the 1970s but this was a game-changer.

Head Phones

In the 1970’s yes, that was a long time ago like a galaxy far far away. This is how they looked then

In 1980’s they looked like this

In 2001, the iPod changed the music world here is a picture

In 2008 these were the hottest thing out there.

Blue tooth

Yes the beats above was blue tooth and I had a pair like this one

I still do and they are sitting in a drawer at the office.

However, Apple, of course, developed the Air pods.


When the air pods came out in 2016 it was a game changer.

Here are the generations

1st generaationSept. 7, 2016March 20, 2019
2nd generationMarch 20, 2019 
New onesNot sure 

The 2nd generation and newer can be used on Apple watch and so forth and they can switch between users’ devices, as long as they are Apple and using iCloud.

Game Changer

These were a game-changer in the head phones/ear pods era. In my opinion. I finally broke down and got some this year. They are the best for walking so I can listen to my music.

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