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Drone, Small

My desire to have a good drone started with a standard drone to practice with. It didn’t have what I was looking for. So I found something that I might like.


I was looking on Amazon, I know not a good site to look at, I spend way too much, I came across the following.

Small one

This came and it has some of the features I am looking for. It had the following:

  • WIFI
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Small
  • Controlled via your cell phone
    • Can’t find the app
    • It has been a couple of years
  • Save videos to your phone

So my drones have been improving getting what I really was looking for.

Still use it

I haven’t used it for about 24 months. The charging cable is somewhere. I Packed it in a box and that is somewhere in a misc. tote in my basement.  So no I don’t use this.

My thoughts

It was a really nice drone, I flew it quite a bit and it was a fun little drone. It was fun to fly. I mean for $60 dollars, it was nice. My wife wouldn’t like me to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on one.

But any drone is a drone and they are fun to fly.

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