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Wemo Switch

I had this big plan and thought about doing this elaborate video about this switch. Like the last post with an awesome video, but with my life spiraling out of control and lots of things going on.  Plus my sad Christmas lights outside of my house I decided not to do that.

What does this have to do

The question you are all wondering is why am I talking about that nonsense above and what does it have to do with a Wemo Switch. Well, the Wemo Switch controls the Christmas lights.

Yes, that switch controls the four plugs on my house. Yes, back when I built this house I put in some plugs so I could just flip a switch and not have to leave the comfort of my house to unplug the lights.

The Wemo Switch

I picked up one of these bad boys (just a figure of speech) you will find out why in a couple of posts. But, I thought this would be perfect to fit my needs. You know the need to be lazy. The thing I didn’t like about my current light switch was I had to be here to turn it off and on. Sometimes I wouldn’t get home until late and the lights wouldn’t be turned on. Family couldn’t be bothered to turn on the lights or turn them off at midnight. Yes, I like to turn them off at midnight.

So incomes the Wemo Switch. This switch took a bit longer to install due to moving it from the 3 spot from the left to the 4th spot. Or from the second spot from the right to the first, it is all depending on how you look at it.  Then we had to rewire all the switches to new updated look in switches.

Yes, that is the WeMo on the far right

I hooked it up to the Wemo app on my iPhone, and it worked. I set up a couple of programs and off it was working.

Yes it has had some up and downs and some issues. But what technology doesn’t.

Last Year (2019)

I headed out on a trip to Philly to take my son to an Eagles game and without the Wemo Switch my Christmas lights wouldn’t have come on and people would have wondered if I was around. But, I didn’t have to worry, the lights came on.  How good is that. We were in Philly and our lights turned on and off. What an amazing thing.

Would I buy it again

Yea, I would buy it again, I find this really needful and useful, making turning on lights even when you aren’t around.

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