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Black Friday

I am not sure if this is the date I wait for any more or is it cyber Monday. But it is here, the official start of the shopping season leading up to Christmas. Some exciting times indeed, right.

What is Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving in the United States, which is Friday, states the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This started in 1952, not Black Friday, the official start of the shopping season. Stores offer a huge promotion on items. Some our popular and they only have a few in stock. This is to draw you into the store in hopes you will spend your money on other things. Tricky right?


Yes, there has been reports of violence on this day in 2006, there have been 12 reported deaths and 117  injuries in the United States alone. People want those deals. But is the violence worth it? When I went out and did things, I found that humans can be horrible people. I have been hit pushed, so people can save a few bucks. I stopped doing it at major retail places due to the lack of good natured people.

The term

This is related to stores going from Red to Black in the books. That is all people.

My opinion

I tend to stay home and just enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate and then venture out later in the day. Yes, I miss the deals and things like that. But I get to keep my sanity.

With 2020 upon us and the horrible things that are going on this year. You know that virus, going around. Is it going to be worth it this year? I will let you decide.

Have a good one.

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