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iPhone 5

It was the year 2000 and something and Steve Jobs was busy overseeing his last iPhone and that was the iPhone 5. This was also the first iPhone that was completely developed under the guidance of Tim Cook.

Life Span

This phone lasts a whole year. Yes, that was just a year. It was announced on Sept. 12, 2012, and it was discontinued on Sept. 10, 2013.  This was when the 5c and 5s were released. So it really didn’t last very long.

On and On

I could go on and on about the iPhone 5 and the technology it brought to the world. But it is just an ongoing trend as Apple was trying to change the world. I can tell you that Steve Jobs did just that. He changed the world with the development of the iPhone. 

My opinion

I never got this phone. I had a 4s and I was fine with that. My kids had this and they enjoyed it. I didn’t feel like I needed to upgrade to this. But it was a nice addition to the iPhone timeline.

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