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Which Smart Switch

I have talked about 2 switches, I am sure there are more out there, however, these are the only 2 I have worked with. Now comes the choice, which smart switch do I go with? Kasa or WeMo? Do I find another? That is the age-old question we all ask ourselves at one time.


I talked about this first and I really enjoy these plugs. My neighbor uses these all over in his house. So, I tried them out. I have three of these. I got a good deal on them. They work pretty well. I like the interface.


This was the first one that I got but didn’t install it until last year when I installed the Kasa switches as well. I wanted to go with WeMo. You will find out why a bit later.  I like the interface set up the rules were simple to set up.

Decision Time

Life is full of these things called decisions and I will have to add this one into the mix. I will make my decision and I will let you know which I will go with. So stay tuned.

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