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Samsung Pay

Samsung is a major player in electronics, in my opinion, and they have a great line of Android phones. It would only be feasible to have their own mobile payment options. Right? Well, they do.

Samsung Pay

Just like Android and Apple in which we have talked about before Samsung joined the mobile payments arena when they purchased LoopPay back in 2015. Samsung pay is unique in a way that it supports the following types of options:

  • NFC based
    • Which Apple and Android support
  • Magnetic stripes
    • You know the kind you have on your phone.
    • It stands for Magnetic secure transmission

The NFC option is prioritized when it is detected. Allowing both of these options, the LoopPay developers stated that these would work with 90% of all point of sale units in the USA. That is pretty good access.


Just like any other credit card reader or mobile pay option yes there is security and I mean good security. Based on Samsung Knox and Arm Trust Zone Technologies and stored in a form of a token a secure one.

Back in 2016, a researcher found a potential flaw with Samsung Pay, they said they would work on this promptly.  If you have a device whose know warranty is a bit trippy, this, Samsung Pay,  will not work.

Where can I use it

I borrowed this image from Wikipedia

That is a lot of places.

Supported Carriers and Phones

This is on all the supported carriers

  • AT&T
  • Cricket
  • Metro PCS
  • Sprint and T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • S. Cellular
  • Xfinity
  • And others 

This is supported on all Samsung devices

My opinion

So of course, I will input my opinion here on this topic. If you have a Samsung phone then you will need this option. As it is used in a lot of places around the world and with this being used on NFC and MTS it could be used everywhere that it is on the map above ^^. So use it if you have it.


I used Wikipedia for some of this information.

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