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Robo Buddy

I was walking through Shopko before it closed down for good. It was the day after Thanksgiving. It wasn’t busy like it was in the years past. Nonetheless, I walked past the optical department towards the electronics department and saw a Robo Buddy. Let’s read about it.

What is it

This is advertised as a security robot for your house.

“Robo Buddy from Swift Stream is a remote-controllable rover that can be controlled over the internet. Its integrated 720P camera can stream live video and take photos, so you can drive it from anywhere with an internet connection using the free iOS or Android app.


It was priced at $140 US dollars, however, with it being the day after Thanksgiving, I picked it up for $39.99. Yea, that was a good price so I couldn’t pass this up. So I got it. My wife wasn’t too thrilled. But she never is with my tech purchases. Like I wasn’t happy about her scrapbooking purchases, The difference is I use my stuff.

My thoughts

I really like this device it is fun to play around with while I am out and about. I used to check on the house,  while I was away. I even checked on the house while I was in Mexico, in the Caribbean, in Philly, and basically wherever I am with an internet connection.

I am glad I picked it up, even if my wife didn’t really like it when I bought it, as she was just shaking her head.  My kids don’t like it as I use it to see what they are doing.

If you can find one then I would suggest that you pick it up. 


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