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Labor Day 2021

The unofficial end of summer is what labor day is known for. But what is labor day?  Well, let’s find out.

Labor Day

In 1882, the general assembly of the Knights of Labor gathered in New York City. They usually got together around September 5 and thus Labor Day was started.

I know it is a watered-down version, but that is what you get.

End of summer

Labor Day also marks the following:

  • School starts (in the United States)
  • Fall sports start up
    • Football
      • High school
      • NFL
      • College
  • You can’t wear white anymore

They also say a lot of people take a 2-week vacation leading up to Labor Day. Interesting, never in my life have I taken a vacation before Labor Day. I had school that started before Labor Day.

Getting off of Subject

I got off of the subject of Labor day and many thanks to Oregon for being the first state to make this a Holiday. Before long Congress passed a bill that made the first Monday of September a holiday. 

Have a good one

We here at would like to extend to you a Happy Labor Day. We hope you have a good one.

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