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Which is a better mobile payment

I have talked about a few mobile payment options out there. Yes, there are so more and I will talk about those at a later time. So what are the best options for mobile payments?

The Best

This is a matter of opinion and it all depends on what you like. Some people might like Android, others might like Samsung and other Apple Pay.

For me the best out of the ones I have talked about is Apple, that is because I have an iPhone.  We all have our own opinions and likes.

According to

If you look at they have a list of the top Mobile Payment apps

  • Square Cash App
    • I haven’t talked about it
  • Apple pay
  • Google Pay
    • Android
  • Venmo
    • I haven’t talked about this yet
  • PayPal One Touch
  • Xoom
    • Never heard of
    • A PayPal Service
    • International
  • Zelle
    • Never heard of
  • Circle Pay
    • International


It is all up to what you like and what you like. I will talk about Square and Venmo at some point in this blog. So if you like to use mobile apps to pay for things. Then start to use this more and more.

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