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Security Camera, Which one did I go with

With all the options out there about security cameras. I looked at two of them to get. Arlo and Ring. So which one did I go with? Let continue reading

Which one

After much looking and researching I decided to go with Ring. Yes, I went with Ring. You might be thinking why Ring?


When I got Ring back a few years ago. The ring had a better plan. Yes, right now Arlo has about the same pricing for the unlimited cameras. Before they didn’t have that option. It was $3.99 a camera a month. So that is why I went with Ring. Yes, I like the local storage option. But, if the scumbags get into your house, they could steal the local storage device and take the recordings along with them.

I just thought that Ring had the better options. I know people who use Arlo and they like it.

Did I make a good choice

I guess this is all based on opinion and we all have our own opinions. But, I think that I made a good choice. I like the plan, I like the cameras. Yes, there are some issues, but you will find that anywhere.


What did I get

  • Doorbell Camera
  • Spotlight camera’s
    • Solar panels to power them
  • Floodlight

Now I am not going to tell you how many I have. But, I have cameras to watch out for those scumbags.


There are some issues I have with the camera’s like

  • Detecting cars that drive by
    • I changed the zones and this still happens
  • Alerts not coming up like the commercials
    • Sometimes it takes up to a min to get video of the alert
  • Preview is slow
  • Doorbell sometimes doesn’t ring the way I want it.

Not that big of a deal.


I would recommend Ring, I really enjoy them and the ability to look at the house while you are away from your home. It is a good way to discourage the scumbags who want to take things you work hard for because they are lazy.

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