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Wemo Plug

Now moving on to the next plug that I use. Since I have a WeMo switch I thought I would try out the WeMo plug to work on some lamps.


Here is how it is packaged…

This is what the plug actually looks like

With this you can do the following:

  1. Download the App (Free)
  2. Plugin and connect
  3. Control From Anywhere

Control your home with your voice of the app.

The App

Here is what the app looks like on iOS devices

Here is what the inside of the app looks like

I have a 2 plugs, one controls the bay window lamp and the other one controls the Coke lamp, it was in the kitchen now it is downstairs. The Red 1 is for a firmware update.

This works with the following:

  • Apple Home Kit
  • Alexa
  • Google assistant
  • Nest
    • Owned by Google

Echo System

I got three of these plugs, yes I am only using 2 of them due to I am using smart life as well and the 4 light switches. So I still have one in the box. I got these since I had a WeMo switch.  You know wanted to keep them all in the same echo system. Did that work out, nope it didn’t. But it was worth a try

My view

I really, really want to like these plugs, and don’t get me wrong. I really like these plugins, but they do have their issues. As I was looking at the App, I saw that the WeMo Switch not being detected. It is now, but we are talking about plugs. It also shows the plugs not being detected, but they work just fine. They do come back online and I am able to work them from the app once again.

The 3 steps I listed above, well it was great, once you got it to connect. I had issues trying to connect. I even plugged it next to my router, well within 3 feet and it still had issues. The second one I did went better, but still, it was a pain to try to get this to connect. But once they get connected that is great.

For being the first smart plug I brought I like them. They are useful things to have in your home.


I did a firmware update on Sunday Jan. 10, 2021 and well let’s just say that didn’t go as planned. As you can see from this picture

I have a plug that is still trying to update. I tried to uninstall the app and with the new iOS it keeps it in the app library, so I will have to figure that out. I even unplugged the plug. I replaced it with the Coke lamp since that is downstairs now on a switch. But yet it is still updating. Makes me rethink the WeMo plug.

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