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One Drive

If you haven’t heard of OneDrive, well you have come to the right spot. I will tell you to want OneDrive is all about. Of course, it is about cloud storage.

Sky Drive

Wait I thought we were talking about OneDrive. Yes, yes, we are. Just hold on, just giving you some history here. Microsoft launched a cloud storage option and it was called Windows Live SkyDrive. By the time May of 2008 came around it was in 38 countries and regions. The storage went from 5GB to 25GB and they put in a separate entry point for videos and photos from your phone.

So in 2013, Microsoft got sued in the UK for the use of “Sky” a British TV broadcaster that said that it infringed upon their trademark.  Microsoft lost the suit and they renamed it OneDrive.


As of 2018, if you sign up for storage you get 5GB for free. Let me go back in time, so bear with me. If you signed up for OneDrive (SkyDrive) before 2012 you were able to opt into the offer of 25GB, I did. I had the 25GB free which was nice. I know what you are thinking, what a freckling snob.  

There are more storage options for OneDrive le t me break that down here. But now they are offering 15GB for free.

  • 15 GB
    • Free
  • 100 GB
    • $1.99 per month
  • 1 TB
    • OneDrive + Office 365 Home
    • $9.99 a month
      • up to 5 users
  • 1 TB
    • OneDrive + Office 365 Personal
    • $6.99 per month
      • 1 user

So I have 1TB worth of Space and since I have the OneDrive + Office 365 Home. So we have access up to 1 TB in space and it is nice.

My opinion

So of course I have an opinion on this matter. I use OneDrive on a daily thing. Where is what I use my OneDrive for

  • My photos from my phone
  • Photos from my scanner
    • More on this later on
  • Documents
  • And much more

I really like OneDrive, it is just another option out there with a cloud storage option.

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