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Self Flying Photographer

By reading the title you are like what in the heck is he talking about. A self Flying Photographer, has he hit his head a little too much? I might have but bear with me.

Found it

Yea I found it but, there is no way in the heck my wife was going to let me spend $700.00 on a drone. I mean $90 and $60 was a lot of money. Especially when you are tight on money. Don’t want to spend that much on a self-flying drone at this time. Just for myself. I am not that selfish.

Flying Photographer

Now I have talked about drones before. But I have been looking for something But I got another drone, I know what am I thinking right? That is what I am asking myself all the time. But this thing is called a Hover 1.


I found the hover 1 which was called Passport and it was this cool-looking drone that could basally follow you around and I won’t have to worry about learning how to fly a drone. I have had a hard time.  Back in Sept of 2019, I placed an order for this hover 2 on kick starter. Everyone should know what this is. If not I might explain it later on.


Yea it was a sad time, but I have learned to deal with the disappointment in life and not be able to get the things I want to get.


I just grabbed a video put out by Zero Zero Robotics, the maker of the Hover Camera

Yea, that looks like it could be a great thing to have.

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