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Mobile Wallets Safe

You are thinking about adding a card to your mobile wallet but you are wondering if this is a safe thing to do. Yes, this is a safe route to go.

Are they safe

Yes, the mobile wallets are very safe, probably more safe than carrying you wallet around with all those cards around. Let’s take a look at the following situation:

You are on vacation and you have all of your cards with you and somehow a pickpocket person was able to lift your wallet. Now they are maxing out your cards as quickly as possible. Selling your identity for a profit. Now, what do you do?

If they take your phone from you they won’t be able to gain access to your digital wallet. Since they don’t have your face id or fingerprint to gain access. Well, that all depends on if you have that setup and I would encourage you to set that up for security.

How safe

The mobile wallets work on a token-based payment which is a heavily encrypted token that protects your personal information.  So if you use mobile payment, then if the retail place gets hacked, yes this happens, your card number won’t get compromised. Only the token. So your card is safe.

Helpful tips

Here are some tips for you

  1. Keep your password private
    1. Input a fingerprint or a facial ID when that is an option
  2. Don’t download random apps
    1. Like on a public WIFI
  3. Always monitor your accounts
    1. I do all the time
  4. Keep your phone charged
    1. This is hard for my wife, those games are important
  5. Only take a couple of cards with you. Leave the rest home or in the safe back in the hotel.
  6. Don’t use Debit cards while traveling
    1. Don’t let people see your pin number

Just be cautious in everything you do.

My opinion

I have been using Apple pay for a long time and if the place of business offers payment via Apple pay I will use that method instead of taking out my card. It drives my wife crazy. My card has been skimmed at a couple of gas stations. I avoid those gas stations and I use Apple pay to pay for my gas. That way it is safe.  I use the mobile wallet in apps as well and it makes it nice.

So go forward and be safe.

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