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Gadgets and More


I had a very active imagination when I was younger. I would write stories about little tiny aircraft that would rise out of the ground in my backyard and fly away on a mission.

My aircraft

I could control them from my secret bunker (hideout) and they could go invisible and follow people around and gather much-needed intelligence for me and the secret organization I work for. But look at what we have now. My idea of mini aircraft has come true, just like some of the other things I would imagine for my stories. Well, they have come true in the form of Drones.


Yes, these mini aircraft are now drones. What are drones you might ask yourself? Well, they are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Which is operated by remote control from a secret base, or just a base somewhere. These drones are the ones that drop bombs on targets.

Mine would never do this. Mine is more like the commercial ones that you see flying all over the place.  These are sort of like mine. However, you have to have a controller to control just one of them.

What should they have

The should have the following:

  • Camera
    • To take photos
    • Videos
  • GPS
  • Battery
    • To make it quite
  • Antenna
    • To get the signal
  • Receiver
  • Sensors
  • Monitors
    • To see speed
    • To see altitude
  • Maximum flight time
  • Max speeds
  • Hovering in place
  • Detects accuracy
  • Hold it a fixed altitude
  • Live video


Drones would be a cool thing to have to be able to take pictures and or Videos of things you can’t see. We will take a look at what I got over the next 4 posts. So come back to see what I have to say.

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