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Drone, Big

I was walking in Kohls, it was around Christmas time, and I found a drone and my wife just said to buy it. She gave me permission. I got it wrapped up and stuck it under the tree.

Wanted one

Since they came out I wanted to get one since they looked like fun, I mean a lot of fun. My wife always said no, they are too expensive. But we spend that much on Diet Coke (D) in a year. I guess DC is more important than some tech. I was shocked when she said to get it. I grabbed it and put it in the cart.

When I opened it up on Christmas morning, I was like a little kid, excited and wanted to open it up and play with it, and that I tried. But there was an issue with it and it wouldn’t fly. It was a sad day in my world. So I sent it in for a new one. I didn’t get the same one back, meaning the same model.

So I went from a big one to a bit smaller one. This is the one I got back

So it was a bit smaller and a different color than the one I got. I knew that it probably wouldn’t be the same color but not the same size. Oh well,  life happens. I charged that bad boy up and took it out and flew it.

Flew it

I flew it all around the yard and around the house. I had some problems, and it crashed a couple of times. I let my son fly it and it crashed. First of many. It took some time to learn how to fly it. But it was a good time.

Yea, it was tape around it but it flew for a long time. It probably would still be flying today, if I didn’t misplace the charger. I am not sure where the controller is at now, got packed away and is in a box somewhere in the basement. It said office on it, but it didn’t make it to the office.

Big Drone

I call this my big drone as it is big, right only logical right. My first drone and it was a fun one to fly as the first drone to own. You should be having fun with anything that you can fly.

Have what I wanted

It might not have had everything I wanted in a drone but it was a drone. The drone is to fly and have some fun on it. The drone had the following:

  • Battery
  • Hold it at a fixed altitude
  • Hovering

It was only $90 dollars.

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