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Going paperless

What is the up with all the paper that we use? I mean there are paper bills, paper notebooks, and such things. What are your thoughts about going paperless?

Started to think

In the age of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and good audio recording devices. Why do we have so much paper? Where we can just type things in a document and organize them in a file system. Plus you can search for it.

With a notebook or paper, you have to search through notebooks, paper and try to find what you are looking for. So I was thinking, that is a bad thing at times, why don’t I go paperless. Is this possible?

Change of habits

You will have to change your habits. Like what? Well, you do the following:

  • Bills
    • This is a big one
  • Printing something off
    • Do I really need to do this
  • Receipts
    • Most of the time you don’t need receipts sometimes you do. You have to decided what to do.
  • Newspapers
    • Who really reads a paper one anymore

I am sure there are more things you have to do to become paperless.

What is next

Over the next 4 posts, I will break down what I have been using to try going paperless. The fifth post will be an overview of my strategy and if I have achieved a full paperless place.  So come back and see what is going on.

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