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Android Pay

In this era of digital age you have to have that mobile pay option. Up first is Android pay, yep Android has one of these.


This is actually called Google Pay and it is a digital wallet and online payment system developed.

Shop how you want…

choose your device, add your credit or debit cards, and you’re all set. Wherever you are –at a store or in an app – you’re ready to use Android Pay.

They use what is called Near-field-communication (NFC) and it transfer funds to retailer. It replaces the debit or credit card chip and PIN and magnetic stripe. If you have finger print ID if not a passcode would work.

What cards

You can use the following cards:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover

Walgreens added this balance rewards loyalty program in 2015 and several other business followed. You can use this for Ticketing at NCAA and MLB sports arena. If you have a Dave and Buster’s than your power card.

You can even use this on an iOS device. Yes you can.

iOS Device

As mentioned above this can be used on a iOS device. Sometimes when I use it on my iPhone. I get the following:

It is nice I can use it over there. I do have a lot of gift cards. Yea you  can use Google Pay to store gift cards. That makes it nice.

My opinion

Yes, I have an opinion about Android/Google Pay. I mean I like this app, even if I use an iPhone. It makes it nice. But if you have an Android phone I would recommend this digital method.

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