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I have a scanner on my printer, which is an HP office jet 8600 and my printer at work could scan papers and put these in a PDF file. But, I needed to get something mobile. I thought that would help me out.

Paper everywhere

You have paper everywhere and you have to keep it for a certain amount of time,  you know for taxes and stuff like that. So I needed a solution that will help in this area, and help me sort of go paperless.


Yea, I have a desktop scanner, but I was looking for something that would make me look like I belong and that can help me out with scanning the following:

  • Documents
  • Receipts

You know the drill.

What did I find

I found the following:

The first step in my head for going paperless, well was to get organized and I was thinking that this would help me in this area.

I went with this choice due to it being able to do the following:

  • Scanning to
    • Onedrive
    • Evernote
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • Email
  • Making this a secure option
  • Edit files
  • Share files
  • Create reports

Was looking like a good choice to have a mobile app. Now, this was back a few years ago.

Used this

I used this a lot and it came in handy to pull out and scan things. I enjoyed keeping track of my expenses and scanning documents. It came in handy when I needed to copy a paper for a lot of people. I would just scan this and then send an email to the group and they all had the paper. We didn’t need to spend money on a copy machine.

Over time

The neat scanner was a helpful tool in my quest to become better and be more organized. IT was useful for a while. Over time it got slower and it stopped working. I have it somewhere in a box. I just haven’t found it yet.

Quest for paperless

I am sort of on my way But it is an improvement, right? I like this scanner. However, it looks like it is mostly software-based right now.

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