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Epson, DC 30

I was on the lookout for a new scanner for my mobile office so I can scan documents in my quest to become paperless.


I was in Best Buy and I saw a scanner I wanted. I was trying to find a picture I took, but that was so many years ago. But I saw this

DC 30

This is a good little scanner it comes with a carrying case and a USB cable to plug into your computer.

My thoughts

I really liked this scanner. It was small and portable and I could take it anywhere. It fits in my backpack and it was a nice fit to my quest for the desire to go paperless. So it was nice.


You had to plug it in in order to scan anything. So that was a big pain in the butt.

I liked this and just like my neat, it did what I wanted it to do.


In my quest to become better at video making I went ahead and made a video.

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